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Returning to LAP

Welcome back! We are so happy to regain some normalcy with our little ones. We know they need it-- and so do you! With our reopening comes some changes. Read along to learn what's new and what to expect.

Health & Safety Protocols

At Little Apple Preschool, it has always been our norm to maintain a facility that has rigorous standards for health and hygiene. In order to care for little ones, we must provide them with a safe space mentally, physically, and spiritually. In order to excel in what is our new normal, we have taken steps that will allow us to continue being that safe space for you and your family while reducing the risk of COVID-19 at our center and complying with our state and local authority.


LAP will now operate as pods. Children will be assigned into “pods” within their age group and ratio. Contact with other groups will be restricted and teachers will solely work within their group. The exception to the rule will be floaters in which they will have a strict “wash-up” protocol to follow if they need to travel into another pod throughout the day.


In order to minimize contact with other families and staff, parents and caregivers will not be allowed in the building unless deemed necessary by LAP. Instead, children <14mos will be dropped off at the main entrance where they will be met by a staff member who will take your little one once they’ve been cleared and assist you in contactless sign-in. Please remember to maintain social distancing of 6ft if waiting behind another family.

Pick-up will require calling in once you’re outside and we will have your little one ready to go. Children >14mos will be a part of curbside drop-off and pick-up. Please keep in mind that we will not buckle your child into their carseat.

Daily Clearance

Children and staff must be clear of a fever before entering LAP. Temperatures will be checked upon arrival of both parent and child with a contactless thermometer. Staff will also be screened anytime they enter the building. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed in and must remain out of LAP for 72hrs. Access will be restricted if someone that a child or staff member lives with becomes COVID-19 positive. If a child or staff member becomes COVID-19 positive they will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Reducing Spread

All adults in the building must wear masks at all times. Children will not be required to use masks but will not be encouraged to share toys that cannot be easily sanitized. Children will also be spaced out to the best of our ability during group activities. Sheets will be supplied by LAP and be laundered and sanitized at our center. Supplies sent in by families such as diaper sleeves and wipe packages, must be in new/ unopened condition. Only group teachers assigned to each pod will be allowed in their classroom with the exception of a floater (if needed) and the director if their attention is required.

Cleaning Practices

LAP will be thoroughly disinfected at the end of each day. During the day, teachers will frequently disinfect tables, toys, and high-touch surfaces. We are implementing as much contactless systems to better serve everyone. Additionally, we will be using more disposable products for the time being. We ask that you bring in 3 sets of change of clothes, each in a labeled zip-loc bag, for your little one in order to get them cleaned up in case they become soiled. Please remember to wash your child’s hands upon leaving the home. Our staff will be required to wash their hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the day as they transition. For children at curbside pick-up we will spray hand sanitizer into their hands once out of the car. Your child will have their hands frequently washed throughout the day.

We are living in uncertain and trying times but we will push through this stronger than ever. What we do ask is for cooperation and full transparency as we are all a family. We are confident that with implementing these new protocols, it will assist in minimizing the spread to others at LAP.

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